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Locals Discount

Guests residing in zip code 78013 will receive 22% off their next stay.  Proof of address will be requested at check-in.

Return Guest Discount

Return Guest Discount of 15% will be applied to guests who have completed a reservation with us in the past.

You Are Special Discount

Our way of saying thank you for being a member of one of these special groups.  Qualified guests should call to get an extra 10% discount. Proof of membership ID will be requested at check-in.

  • Senior Citizen Discount (55 and older)
  • Military/Veteran Discount (Active or Retired)
  • 1st Responders Discount (Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, Firefighters, etc)
  • Educators Discount

Select your travel dates & No. of people. Check Availability and click the Book Now link for your selected room

The #1 Rated Boutique Hotel in Comfort TX

No arrival and departure date specified yet.
Room 1
$135.00-$241.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 2
$144.00-$275.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 3
$152.00-$274.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 4
$152.00-$249.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 5
$144.00-$275.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 6
$135.00-$252.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 7
$161.00-$309.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 8
$203.00-$373.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 21
$203.00-$373.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 22
$116.00-$263.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 23
$256.00-$439.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 24
$136.00-$296.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 25
$106.00-$241.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 26
$144.00-$263.00 (Double Occupancy)
Petite Suite
$406.00-$702.00 (Double Occupancy)
Grand Suite
$609.00-$1,075.00 (Double Occupancy)
Cottage # 9
$305.00-$379.00 (Double Occupancy)