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Free Harvest Fest Package

Book on our Website or by phone October 16th and 17th and get a special package on any 2 night weekend stay through December 31, 2020. The package includes freshly dipped chocolate strawberries as well as a chilled bottle of Champaign upon arrival, a $64 value. Enter Coupon Code "HARVEST" when booking online.

Select your travel dates & No. of people. Check Availability and click the Book Now link for your selected room

The #1 Rated Boutique Hotel in Comfort TX

No arrival and departure date specified yet.
Room 1
$149.00-$200.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 2
$129.00-$189.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 3
$149.00-$200.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 4
$159.00-$179.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 5
$149.00-$179.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 6
$129.00-$149.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 7
$159.00-$200.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 8
$225.00-$250.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 21
$225.00-$260.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 22
$149.00-$169.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 23
$299.00-$309.00 (Double Occupancy)
Suite 24
$159.00-$190.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 25
$129.00-$179.00 (Double Occupancy)
Room 26
$149.00-$189.00 (Double Occupancy)
Petite Suite
$448.00-$528.00 (Double Occupancy)
Grand Suite
$673.00-$728.00 (Double Occupancy)