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Hotel Giles Happy Hour(s)

04/26/2024 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Hotel guests, local friends and family, passersby....

Every Friday, 6-9, join some of the Hotel Giles owners in our Parlor--or, if the weather allows, in the Gazebo in our Courtyard--for a very informal evening of fun! 

Each Happy Hour includes a "pickin' circle," for anyone--guests or locals--who'd like to join in with any musical instrument you play--or sing along. If you're a guest and don't have yours with you, there is usually one available to borrow, while you're here. Any level of skill is welcome!  The music is always very eclectic, and varies each week, depending on the crowd. 

Some "adult beverages" are provided for hotel guests, along with water and soft drinks, but locals are encouraged to support our local businesses and BYOB. Guests may BYOB, also.

We provide light snacks, but locals are encouraged to bring snacks to share.

We gather for relaxed, friendly "meet and greet" conversation (sometimes it's even in German!); music, and maybe even board games. There is seldom a shortage of "small world" stories--you never know who you might meet, here!

No charge; just come join us!