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San Saba-Small Soap & Salt Box

Spa package of one San Saba Tobacco Bloom full sized bar soap and bath salts.  If purchased prior to check-in, it will be placed in your room prior to your arrival.

Pecan Oil Soaps

San Saba small batch soaps are made by hand, in-house. Their soaps are a perfect earthy and sensual bar soap with pecan oil, goat milk and shea butter.

After years of research and testing in San Saba, Texas, pecan capital of the world, they have formulated the very first skin and hair care brand made from pure, cold pressed Pecan Oil. The Pecan, known for its rich fatty acids, boasts the highest in antioxidants of all tree nuts. San Saba studied the chemical composition of this extraordinary oil and discovered a combination of fatty acids, lipids, ellagic acids and numerous other properties beneficial to skin health. Pecan oil is noncomedogenic meaning it doesn’t clog pores, and instead encourages proper oil production. Pecan oil is the highest in antioxidants and fatty acids which is essential for maintaining soft, youthful skin.

TOPO of San Saba™ is a proprietary brand consisting of cold pressed Pecan Oil.

Using the traditional cold process soap making technique and all natural ingredients, San Saba Soap Company makes high end, non GMO bath bars, free from parabens, sulphates and petroleums. The superfatted bars are formulated with a richly lathering soap base that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and youthful. San Saba uses the highest amount of fine distilled essential oils to give each of their unique soaps a long lasting, luxurious fragrance.  

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